Exploration and engineering geophysics

GeoBlast is a Finnish company providing solutions for exploration and engineering geophysics. We conduct field works and interpretations as well as geophysical consulting.

We prioritize customer service, high quality solutions, respect of environment, and safety in all our activities. To reach our values we are committed to interaction and development with our clients and partners in all activities we are participating in.

Our Services


We offer full set of ore prospecting methods with our partners, but mostly we are concentrating on potential field methods like magnetics and gravity. We offer also project management and consulting services.

We know the Finnish requirements and risks as well as the operators working here.


We have conducted a wide range of geotechnical projects including determination of soil and bedrock properties, road structure and pavement investigations, foundation studies of big structures like wind mills, buildings etc., lane investigations of highways, underground, tunnels etc. But also the object mapping like pipe, culvert, and wire detecting as well as the uncovering of hidden bodies like old buried gasoline tanks.

Moreover, we are also familiar with environmental projects and more exotic applications like archaeological tomb investigations and different kind of military applications. We have an expertise to the project management and consulting of this kind of projects.

Civil engineering

We have been involved in many civil engineering projects as a partner applying geophysical methods. Projects have often been to detect targets inside man made structures like pipes or wires in concrete and to determine the properties of that kind of structures but also simple dimensions determent of structures.

We have put more attention to structure scanning we believe has a bright future ahead. It can be exploited in quality control as well as damage searching.

We respect environment and safety in all our activities.

Typical investigation targets of GeoBlast

  • Foundation studies of

    • New industrial areas 
    • Wind parks
    • Solar parks
    • New highways and intersections
    • Gas pipe and/or power lines
  • Structure investigation of

    • Pavements of roads
    • Road and rail road layers
    • Bridges
    • Real estates
  • Detection and determination of

    • Bedrock surface and quality
    • Buried objects
    • Buried infrastructure like wires, pipes etc.
    • Soil layers and its structure
  • In addition to

    • Thermal conductivity investigations
    • Archaeological studies
    • Military applications

Methods typically applied by GeoBlast

  • Infrastructure targets

    • Seismic (refraction, MASW with or without explosives)
    • Georadar and concrete radar (with a wide frequency band)
    • ERT (Electric multielectrode systems)
    • VES (particularly for electrical groundings)
    • Thermal conductivity (in-situ and in Laboratory)
  • Ore prospecting targets

    • Gravity
    • Magnetics
    • IP
    • EM (wide variation of different methods)


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